What is Pastoral Counseling?

Our counseling process begins with several sessions devoted to understanding your problem and its role in your life. In this process, you and I will determine what you would like to achieve and what approach to take to fulfill those goals.

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The purpose of pastoral counseling is to help:

  • improve communication between you and others
  • rebuilding life after a significant loss
  • recover from a divorce
  • parent more effectively
  • enrich a marriage
  • assess areas of work and growth with a future partner
  • heal effects from abusive relationships
  • resolve the causes of depression, anxiety, anger, confusion, or insecurity
  • develop a more enriching and holistic faith

About Pastor Mike Blitch

Pastor Mike Blitch

As a minister in several churches throughout my career, I've learned that everyone has a problem with something.

Whether its a greater problem like addiction or death, or a smaller one like coping with a rebellious teenager, I'm here to help you.

Many people just don't know where to turn to or what to do. I'm here to listen and help you get the answers you are looking for. If I can't personally help, I'll guide you to the people who can. And I'll help you get the resources necessary to get you back to where you feel your head is above water.

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