Grief Counseling

Many people have experienced a crisis in their lives and there are yet, untold others that will in the future. How do people respond to something that jolts their world? In particular, how do people respond to loss – expected or unexpected? How long is true grief supposed to last?

There is no such thing as painless grief, and there is no easy way of dealing with grief.

No matter what we are grieving; a spouse’s death, a divorce, a child leaving (by health or death), abuse, a job loss, moving from one area to another, or a financial loss, the hurt brings instability into a person’s life – everything seems off balance and the pieces of your once perfect puzzle just don't fit together right anymore!

​One thing is certain, we must work through each stage of grief to gain insight and guidance for coming to terms with personal trauma and change in order to adjust and cope with life once more.

Accepting the loss, absorbing the pain, abstaining from bitterness, abiding in peace, and adjusting to the future are just some of the steps to getting your pieces back together again.

Counseling Fees and Information

Fees for counseling services are based on a sliding scale using you or your family's income, you can download the sliding fee scale policy for more information.

All sessions are by appointment only, and most sessions are 1 hour long. For more information on fees and the counseling services available, simply complete the form below. I will work with you.