Fear Counseling

Fear can be our friend or it can be tormenting to our very existence. No human being lives totally free from fear but, when a person suffers from the torment, fear tends to paralyze you. Fear blinds us to alternatives in problem-solving and options for decision-making which would otherwise be obvious. It is one thing to be frightened of circumstances which would scare anyone. It is another, for your life to be paralyzed by irrational fears.

​Healthy fears differ from unhealthy fears.

Fear is the first emotion we learn to experience. Healthy fear warns us of danger and painful consequences of disobedience. It also teaches us healthy limits, boundaries, and how to be orderly and sociable. Unhealthy fears are exaggerations of risks, which paralyze us into inaction and makes us much more self-conscious.

Learning to come to terms with fear will help individuals become more confident in their approach to life and keep their puzzle pieces of life in the right box.

Counseling Fees and Information

Fees for counseling services are based on a sliding scale using you or your family's income, you can download the sliding fee scale policy for more information.

All sessions are by appointment only, and most sessions are 1 hour long. For more information on fees and the counseling services available, simply complete the form below. I will work with you.