Divorce Counseling

The experience of divorce is devastating at worst, but even under the best circumstances, it can lead to feelings of failure and sadness. Those feelings can, in turn, lead to depression and a loss of interest in life’s activities. Tragedies such as divorce are not easily dealt with alone. Family, friends, and other loved ones can be a tremendous source of support and encouragement as you sort things out.

When that doesn’t seem to be enough, or you feel like you are floundering, a professional Christian counselor can come alongside you and walk you through your process to victory.The good news is that life does not end at divorce.

With God’s help, positive relationships, and a determination to overcome, you can bounce back and begin to put all the pieces of your life back together again.

Counseling Fees and Information

Fees for counseling services are based on a sliding scale using you or your family's income, you can download the sliding fee scale policy for more information.

All sessions are by appointment only, and most sessions are 1 hour long. For more information on fees and the counseling services available, simply complete the form below. I will work with you.