Depression Counseling

Depression means many things to many people. It has indeed grown to be very common in our society. Many relate it to being disappointed or discouraged by hurts or offenses. Others describe their depression as so debilitating that they can hardly function on a daily basis.

A good working definition of depression is a feeling of sadness and emptiness occurring over a period of two weeks resulting in an increasingly pessimistic outlook on life and a change from previous functioning level. There are many reasons leading to depression and must be examined closely in order to procure an effective treatment plan.

Contact me today so that we can begin to sort out the pieces of your life so that you can feel good again.

Counseling Fees and Information

Fees for counseling services are based on a sliding scale using you or your family's income, you can download the sliding fee scale policy for more information.

All sessions are by appointment only, and most sessions are 1 hour long. For more information on fees and the counseling services available, simply complete the form below. I will work with you.